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The ancient genetics papers and books listed here are those which have a direct impact on our archaeological work. All other titles with limited interest, though perhaps major works for specialists, are not taken into account.

- ALVES (I.), COELHO (M.), GIGNOUX (C.), DAMASCENO (A.), PRISTA (A.) & ROCHA (J.), 2011, Genetic Homogeneity Across Bantu-Speaking Groups from Mozambique and Angola Challenges Early Split Scenarios between East and West Bantu Populations, Human Biology, 83, 1, pp.13–38.

- ANSARI POUR (N.), PLASTER (C.A.) & BRADMAN (N.), 2013, Evidence from Y-chromosome analysis for a late exclusively eastern expansion of the Bantu-speaking people, European Journal of Human Genetics, 21, pp.423–429.

- BARBIERI (C.), BUTTHOF (A.), BOSTOEN (K.) & PAKENDORF (B.), 2013, Genetic perspectives on the origin of clicks in Bantu languages from southwestern Zambia, European Journal of Human Genetics, 21, pp.430–436.

- BARBIERI (C.), VICENTE (M.), OLIVEIRA (S.), BOSTOEN (K.), ROCHA (J.), STONEKING (M.) & PAKENDORF (P.), 2014, Migration and Interaction in a Contact Zone: mtDNA Variation among Bantu-Speakers in Southern Africa, PLOS One, 9(6): e99117. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0099117.

- BERNIELL-LEE (G.), CALAFELL (F.), BOSCH (E.), HEYER (E.), SICA (L.), MOUGUIAMA-DAOUDA (P.), VAN DER VEEN (L.), HOMBERT (J.-M.), QUINTANA-MURCI (L.) & COMAS (D.), 2009, Genetic and Demographic Implications of the Bantu Expansion: Insights from Human Paternal Lineages, Molecular Biology and Evolution, 26(7), pp.1581–1589.

- BUSBY (G.), BAND (G.), LE (Q.S.), JALLOW (M.), BOUGAMA (E.), MANGANO (V.D.), AMANGA-ETEGO (L.N.), ENIMIL (A.), APINJOH (T.), NDILA (C.M.), MANJURANO (A.), NYIRONGO (V.), DOUMBA (O.), ROCKETT (K.A.), KWIATKOWSKI (D.P.), SPENCER (C.), Malaria Genomic Epidemiology Network, 2016, Admixture into and within sub-Saharan Africa, ELife, 5:e15266. DOI: 10.7554/eLife.15266, pp.1-44.

- CASTRY (L.), TOFANELLI (S.), GARAGNANI (P.), BINI (C.), FOSELLA (X.), PELOTTI (S.), PAOLI (G.), PETTENER (D.) & LUISELLI (D.), 2009, mtDNA Variability in Two Bantu-Speaking Populations (Shona and Hutu) From Eastern Africa: Implications for Peopling and Migration Patterns in Sub-Saharan Africa, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 140, pp.302–311.

- CEREZO (M.), ACHILLI (A.), OLIVIERI (A.), PEREGO (U.A.), GOMEZ-CARBALLA (A.), BRISIGHELLI (F.), LANCIONI (H.), WOODWARD (S.R.), LOPEZ-SOTO (M.), CARRACEDO (A.), CAPELLI (C.), TORRONI (A.) & SALAS (A.), 2012, Reconstructing ancient mitochondrial DNA links between Africa and Europe, Genome Research, 22, pp.821–826.

- COELHO (M.), SEQUEIRA (F.), LUISELLI (D.), BELEZA (S.) & ROCHA (J.), 2009, On the edge of Bantu expansions: mtDNA, Y chromosome and lactase persistence genetic variation in southwestern Angola, BMC Evolutionary Biology, 9, 80, pp.1-18.

- DE FILIPPO (C.), HEYN (P.), BARHAM (L.), STONEKING (M.) & PAKENDORF (B.), 2010, Genetic Perspectives on Forager-Farmer Interaction in the Luangwa Valley of Zambia, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 141, pp.382–394.

- DE FILIPPO (C.), BARBIERI (C.), WHITTEN (M.), MPOLOKA (S.W.), GUNNARSDOTTIR (E.D.), BOSTOEN (K.), NYAMBE (T.), BEYER (K.), SCHREIBER (H.), DE KNIJFF (P.), LUISELLI (D.), STONEKING (M.) & PAKENDORF (B.), 2011, Y-Chromosomal Variation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Insights Into the History of Niger-Congo Groups, Molecular Biology and Evolution, 28(3), pp.1255-1269.

- DE FILIPPO (C.), BOSTOEN (K.), STONEKING (M.) & PAKENDORF (B.), 2012, Bringing together linguistic and genetic evidence to test the Bantu expansion, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 279, pp.3256–3263.

- GELABERT (P.), FERRANDO-BERNAL (M.), DE-DIOS (T.), MATORRE (B.), CAMPOY (E.), GOROSTIZA (A.), PATIN (E.), GONZÁLEZ-MARTIN (A.) & LALUEZA-FOX (C.), 2019, Genome-wide data from the Bubi of Bioko Island clarifies the Atlantic fringe of the Bantu dispersal, BMC Genomics, 20, 179, pp.1-13.

- LI (S.), SCHLEBUSCH (C.) & JAKOBSSON (M.), 2014, Genetic variation reveals large-scale population expansion and migration during the expansion of Bantu-speaking peoples, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 281, 20141448, 11 pages.

- LOPEZ (M.), CHOIN (J.), SIKORA (M.), SIDDLE (K.), HARMANT (C.), COSTA (H.A.), SILVERT (M.), MOUGUIAMA-DAOUDA (P.), HOMBERT (J.-M.), FROMENT (A.), LE BOMIN (S.), PERRY (G.H.), BARREIRO (L.B.), BUSTAMANTE (C.D.), VERDU (P.), PATIN (E.) & QUINTANA-MURCIL (L.), 2019, Genomic Evidence for Local Adaptation of Hunter-Gatherers to the African Rainforest, Current Biology, 29, pp.1-10. [Region, Cameroon, Gabon, Uganda]

- MALYARCHUK (B.A.) & CZARNY (J.), 2005, African DNA Lineages in the Mitochondrial Gene Pool of Europeans, Molecular Biology, 39, 5, pp.703–709.

- MONTANO (V.), FERRI (G.), MARCARI (V.), BATINI (C.), ANYAELE (O.), DESTRO-BISOL (G.) & COMAS (D.), 2011, The Bantu expansion revisited: a new analysis of Y chromosome variation in Central Western Africa, Molecular Ecology, 20, pp.2693–2708.

- PAKENDORF (B.), BOSTOEN (K.) & DE FILIPPO (C.), 2011, Molecular Perspectives on the Bantu Expansion: A Synthesis, Language Dynamics and Change, 1, pp.50–88.

- PATIN (E.), SIDDLE (K.J.), LAVAL (G.), QUACH (H.), HARMANT (C.), BECKER (N.), FROMENT (A.), REGNAULT (B.), LEMEE (L.), GRAVEL (S.), HOMBERT (J.-M.), VAN DER VEEN (L.), DOMINY (N.J.), PERRY (G.H.), BARREIRO (L.B.), VERDU (P.), HEYER (E.) & QUINTANA-MURCI (L.), 2014, The impact of agricultural emergence on the genetic history of African rainforest hunter-gatherers and agriculturalists, Nature Communications, 5, 3163, 10 pages.

- PATIN (E.), LOPEZ (M.), GROLLEMUND (R.), VERDU (P.), HARMANT (C.), QUACH (H.), LAVAL (G.), PERRY (G.H.), BARREIRO (L.B.), FROMENT (A.), HEYER (E.), MASSOUGBODJI (A.), FORTES-LIMA (C.), MIGOT-NABIAS (F.), BELLIS (G.), DUGOUJON (J.-M.), PEREIRA (J.B.), FERNANDES (V.), PEREIRA (L.), VAN DER VEEN (L.), MOUGUIAMA-DAOUDA (P.), BUSTAMANTE (C.D.), HOMBERT (J.-M.) & QUINTANA-MURCI (L.), 2017, Dispersals and genetic adaptation of Bantu-speaking populations in Africa and North America, Science, 356, pp.543–546.

- PEREIRA (L.), MACAULAY (V.), TORRONI (A.), SCOZZARI (R.), PRATA (M.-J.) & AMORIM (A.), 2001, Prehistoric and historic traces in the mtDNA of Mozambique: insights into the Bantu expansions and the slave trade, Ann. Hum. Genet., 65, pp.439-458.

- PICKRELL (J.K.), PATTERSON (N.), BARBIERI (C.), BERTHOLD (F.), GERLACH (L.), GÜLDEMANN (T.), KURE (B.), MPOLOKA (S.W.), NAKAGAWA (H.), NAUMANN (C.), LIPSON (M.), LOH (P.R.), LACHANCE (J.), MOUNTAIN (J.), BUSTAMANTE (C.D.), BERGER (B.), TISHKOFF (S.A.), HENN (B.M.), STONEKING (M.), REICH (D.) & PAKENDORF (B.), 2012, The genetic prehistory of southern Africa, Nature Communications, 3, 1143, 6 pages.

- PLAZA (S.), SALAS (A.), CALAFELL (F.), CORTE-REAL (F.), BERTRANPETIT (J.), CARRACEDO (A.) & COMAS (D.), 2004, Insights into the western Bantu dispersal: mtDNA lineage analysis in Angola, Human Genetics, 115, pp.439–447.

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