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> World-Wide Web Virtual Library Africa (worldwide links on other topics from the University of Columbia, United States)

> Internet African History Sourcebook

> Women Researching African Archaeology


> Afriterra.Org: (a non-profit Cartographic Library and Archive assembling and preserving the original rare maps of Africa)

> American Museum of Natural History: Map Gallery - historical maps of Africa

> Atlas of Mutual Heritage: "The Atlas of Mutual Heritage is an expanding database incorporating locations within the octroi area of the VOC (Dutch East India Company) and WIC (Dutch West India Company), and illustrations relating to these locations."

> Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps Inc.: "We Feature Fine & Rare Original Antique Maps, Sea Charts & Atlases from the 15th to 19th Centuries."

> David Rumsey Map Collection: "The historical map collection has over 45,000 maps and images online. The collection focuses on rare 18th and 19th century North American and South American maps and other cartographic materials. Historic maps of the World, Europe, Asia, and Africa are also represented."

> Gallica: hundreds of ancient maps on the French National Library web site.

> Geographicus, fina antique maps: "generalist antiquarians dealing in historic maps from all over the world"

> Michigan State University: map library, Africa

> Musee Royal de l'Afrique Centrale (Tervuren, Belgium): La collection de cartes anciennes (Afrique)

> Northwestern University Library: 16th-20th century maps of Africa

> Slavery image database: Maps: Africa, New World, Slave Trade

> University of Florida: historic African maps contained in the Map and Imagery Library's collection

> University of Texas: Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection:
... Africa Maps from the CIA
... Historical Maps of Africa

> Africa maps

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> Bantu Lexical Reconstructions 3 (database at the Musée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale, Belgium)

> British Institute in Eastern Africa, Axum Archive - archive set up on the Aluka server

> British Institute in Eastern Africa, Engaruka Archive - archive set up on the Aluka server

> British Institute in Eastern Africa, Kilwa Archive - archive set up on the Aluka server

> British Institute in Eastern Africa, Somalia Archive - archive set up on the Aluka server

> Canary Islands Prehispanic Rock Art (from the "Institutum Canarium" web site - see "Institutions")

> Central Africa : Cameroon, Centrafrique, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo, People's Republic of Congo, Angola (in french/english, compiled by B.Clist)
... Bibliography, all archaeology related publications since the 19th century
... Recent publications of the last 2 years

> Comparative Bantu Pottery Vocabulary (database at the Musée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale, Belgium)

> Corona Thornycroft Collection, Zimbabwe rock art - archive set up on the Aluka server

> Earthen Architecture of Mali, Morocco, and Egypt, North and West Africa - archive set up on the Aluka server

> Ethnoarchaeology Bibliography (compiled by Dr. Nicholas David, Department of Archaeology at the University of Calgary; pdf format, also can use Procite)

> Fossil Hominids : References

> General Geology Library Catalogue (database at the Musée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale, Belgium)

> Harold Pager Collection, South Africa rock art - archive set up on the Aluka server

> Heinz Ruther Collection - archive set up on the Aluka server. "The Heinz-Rüther Collection is a unique attempt at capturing the spatial domain of African heritage by accurately recording its physical and architectural nature and dimensions. Sites are seen in the context of their physical environment and landscapes surrounding sites are documented based on satellite and aerial imagery, wherever possible."

> Helen Tongue Collection, South Africa rock art - archive set up on the Aluka server

> Henri Breuil Collection, southern Africa rock art - archive set up on the Aluka server

> Janette Deacon Collection, southern Africa rock art - archive set up on the Aluka server

> McIntosh Private Collection: Archaeological Field Data from Excavations at Jenne-jeno and Djenné, Mali. Archive set up on the Aluka server

> Musée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale - Prehistory & Archaeology Library Catalogue

> Neil Lee Collection - South African rock art - archive set up on the Aluka server

> Rock Art Research Institute (RARI) (Johannesburg University, South Africa) - archive set up on the Aluka server

> TARA - Trust for African Rock Art - archive set up on the Aluka server - The David Coulson Africa Heritage Collection: 11,112 photographs

> Tervuren Xylarium Wood Database (database at the Musée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale, Belgium)

> UN-BU Archaeological Expedition at Bieta Giyorgis, Aksum - archive set up on the Aluka server

> Other archaeology bibliographies, click here.
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> African Archaeology books on

> Archaeopress, Oxford.

> British Archaeological Reports on Africa, Oxford.

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> Documenting african collections (bilingual, english and french).

> ICOM Code of Ethics.

> ICOM Red Lists:
... African Red List.
... Lybia Red List.
... West Africa Red List.

> ICOM Standards and Guidelines.

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Note : african archaeology papers are also published in mainstream archaeology journals, e.g. Journal of Human Evolution, World Archaeology or Antiquity. Check here for an exhaustive list. Some information can be found in "Archaeologies : The Journal of the World Archaeological Congress", some abstracts about african archaeology.

> African Archaeological Review (online: Table of Contents and abstracts since 1983, vol.1, issue 1).

> African Economic History (all issues from vol.36, 2008 until today; back issues from vols.1-1976 to 35-2007 through the JSTOR digital archive).

> Africana Studia (online: Table of Contents since volume 1 in 1999; contains some african archaeology about Angola & Mozambique).

> Afrique : Archéologie & Arts (Online : Table of Contents for the last two issues)

> Annales Aequatoria (since 1980; on the anthropology, history and linguistics of central Congo)
... see also Centre Aequatoria in french or in english

Antiquités africaines (online: Table of Contents since 1967, here). This journal "assure la publication d'études historiques et archéologiques sur l'Afrique du Nord, de la Préhistoire à la conquête arabe."

> Azania: archaeological research in Africa - The British Institute in Eastern Africa Journal. Current issue of Azania -

> Bulletin Mega-Tchad (Mega-Tchad scientific network bulletin - TOC and full text contents since first issue of 1986 up to the last in 2010)

> International Journal of Historical Archaeology: It is the first authoritative resource for scholarly research on this rapidly growing field, Historical Archaeology. Africa is regularly visited in the issues published since 1997. The TOC is online.

> International Newsletter on Rock Art (INORA) (english version; french version available here :). Online since 2005, issue number 42.

> Journal of African Archaeology (Online : Table of Contents and abstracts since vol.1, No1, 2003)

> Journal of African History (Online : TOC since issue 01, 1960)

> Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology : Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology is the only journal currently published that deals with the entire multicultural world of Mediterranean archaeology. First issue 1988 vol 1 n°1.

> KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt (Online : Table of Contents since Vol.1, No1, 1990)

> Mediterranean Archaeology ("The Australian and New Zealand Journal for the Archaeology of the Mediterranean World Official Journal of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens". Table of Contents online since issue No1, 1988)

> Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry ("interdisciplinary International Journal issued by the University of the Aegean, Department of Mediterranean Studies, Rhodes, Greece." First issue : 2001. Full text papers with pdf format. Semestrial journal)

> Mediterranean Prehistory Online - e-journal. Table of Contents for issues No1 and 2 (1998-2000) formerly at, now off line & more info here.

> Nsi liaison bulletin (archaeology of Central Africa, some texts on eastern and southern Africa - TOC and full texts in pdf format, 1987-1992)

> Nyame Akuma [Bulletin of the Society of Africanist Archaeologists. Online : the full contents of Numbers 1-82 (1972-2014) are available (pdf format) here].

> PalArch (e-journal : archaeology of Egypt, vertebrate paelontology, archaeology of north west Europe; four issues a year; first issue 2004. Journal of the PalArch Foundation based in the Netherlands)

> Préhistoire Anthropologie méditerranéennes (papers on the Sahara and northern Africa)

> Prehistory Society of Zimbabwe Newsletter : archives of the Newsletter from issue 133 (2007) until 2013.

> Sahara : Prehistory and History of the Sahara (online : Table of Contents and abstracts from vol.10, 1999 until volume 24, 2013)

> Sagittarius - magazine of the South African Museum (TOC from Vol.1 #1 1986 to Vol.5 #1 1990, some full text papers online; " It was started in March 1986 during the completion of the new extensions to the museum but unfortunately ceased to be published in 1989 due to increased financial costs. Five volumes were produced in all.")

> South African Archaeological Bulletin. First issue 1945.

> Southern African Humanities (Southern African Humanities is published annually by the Natal Museum and is a vehicle for human science and heritage research of an archaeological, anthropological and historical nature).

> Southern African Field Archaeology (Published by the Alabany Museum, 1992-1998).

> West African Archaeological Newsletter: full contents in pdf format (1964-1970), archived by the SAFA.

> Other journals in Anthropology and Archaeology: Anthropology Resources on the Internet (more than 300 journals listed)
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> UNESCO World Heritage List (Africa is included)
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